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re:fresh® presents Styling and Profiling, conversations and thoughts with some of New Orleans’ own on life, style, and the lifestyle. As part of our second profile, we speak a little bit with rapper Paasky, who shares some of his thoughts on how important personal style is to him, as well as talking a bit as to why he feels people are “sleeping” on New Orleans.

1. Compliments you hear the most on your personal styleI don’t know, it’s kind of subtle. It’s not really over the top, I just try to keep it me, try to match my personality.

2. How important is it to you, as a rapper, to have you look, and how much time do you spend on your wardrobe, for a show for example? - Sometimes, it depends on the venue, especially down here where most of the venues are hot as fuck. But it is (important). It’s a first impression. People really gonna see what you have on before you open up your mouth and people hear what you have to say. And you kinda gotta make your image match up with your music, they go hand in hand.

3. What are you currently working on? I’m working on an album titled “ready to die 2″. It’s supposed to be dropping either mid-late november or the top of the year, depends how I feel. Those are the two dates I got, that’s pretty much what I’m workin’ on.

4. Are people “sleeping” on New Orleans, in your opinion?Yes. I feel people are sleeping on New Orleans and the diversity we have to offer in music, fashion, photography, etc. It’s so many different personalities and perspectives due the environment we live in and because the city is so small. Everyone affects and rubs off on each other.

5. What’s the biggest thing holding back New Orleans right now? The thing holding us back is unity. I don’t think niggas realize how powerful the phrase “strengh in numbers” is. Every major artist, in my opinion, was backed by a movement. Jay with the Roc, B.I.G. with Bad Boy, ‘Ye with G.O.O.D., Wayne with YMCMB, etc. Niggas be focused on themselves poppin’ and that big check for themselves and forget that movements have better success in the end.

“shoutout re:fresh, NFAC, bsbcbu, Team Robot, Fillmore, WeMajorMNM, Quality Control and everybody that ever showed me love. Fillmore whatup.”

Paasky is a rapper. Affiliated with Fillmore/WeMajorMNM. Twitter: @Paasky


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Dreams grinding can buy..

If you do something good enough,long enough, eventually somebody will pay you for that service. The shit we dream about while asleep can become reality but only with hard work and dedication. Im seeing it unfold everyday with my friends and myself,and its because we get up every morning and we do what we love consistently. Live out your dreams,it’s possible..