regarding fresh® x NBA2K12.

XBOX 360 Single Elimination, Winner Take All tournament.


- Single elimination

- 5 minute quarters

- Hall of Fame difficulty

- Game Speed 80

- No pausing the game for any reason

- No using of all-star teams, rookies, sophomore, Legend teams, etc. Only the 30 current NBA teams (rosters will be updated) will be allowed.

- In the case of two players wanting to use the same team, a coin will be flipped.

- Home team will be determined by sign-up order in the first round. Points scored in previous round will determine home team in all subsequent rounds.

- Game-play camera angle will be determined by the away team.

- Games will start on time. There is a 5 minute grace period between games. If you’re more than 5 minutes late, you lose.

- There will be no side-betting, fighting, arguing, throwing of the controllers, etc. This isn’t your house, living room, dorm, apartment.

Entry Details

- $10 entry

- Games will start at 11 am. Seeding, game times, and opponents will be determined the day of.

- Entry is open until the field is filled. First come, first serve. Limited number of spots available. Everyone entered is guaranteed 1 game.

- No proxies allowed. If you are not there for your game, no one can play for you.

Prize information

1st Prize – $200 Cash

2nd Prize – 25% discount at RFRSH® for 1 whole year

3rd Prize – $50 RFRSH Gift Card.

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