By mr. everybody


Summer Essentials : John Elliott + Co., Anatomy Projects, Comme des Garcons PLAY


Featured above John Elliott + Co Classic Crew T-Shirt, Anatomy Projects Tech Shorts, Comme des Garcons PLAY CT 70 Hi Sneakers. All available in-store and online.


It’s hot outside. Hot as, excuse my language, fuck. No one likes this weather. I don’t care if someone tells you they do, they don’t. I find it hard to believe that anyone enjoys being outside in an environment that actually affects your ability to breathe the air because the air itself is so hot. We just got some of our last “summer” products and they’re perfect for looking cool in this bullshit weather.

(Technically, this is our first JE+Co. delivery for Fall but we all know John Elliott is ALL WEATHER/ALL YEAR/ALL DAY because it’s like that with the boy John. Shout out John, too. He just killed New York Fashion Week AGAIN. John Elliott + Co. is NOT fucking around.)

Proof that I read every e-mail.

i read e-mails. i know what it’s like to send an e-mail out, waiting on a response. i respect the platform. I DON’T KNOW THIS GUY AT ALL, BUT THIS WAS IN MY e-mail inbox two weeks ago and you know what? it’s dope. check it out. i could tell you what i like about this project, but you should just judge for yourself. shoutout to sister of the artist (you’ll know when you listen) for showing her brother so much love. that’s the type of shit that’s really cool.